Boldly Facilitating Transformative Professional Learning Experiences

Daman Harris, Ph.D., is a trailblazing expert in educator retention and antiracist leadership. He is  an experienced professional with a diverse background, having served as a nonprofit leader, teacher, coach, principal, district administrator, adjunct professor, researcher, speaker, writer, and consultant. 

Enhance the lives of your students by transforming the perspectives of your staff!

Dr. Harris activates the backgrounds, values, and expertise of educators to craft irresistibly engaging, impactful professional learning opportunities!

Keynote speaking

Dr. Harris leads captivating, motivational, and informative discussions. Invite him to provide an engaging talk that enhances the knowledge, skills, and inspiration of your team!

professional Learning Sessions

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Harris as he provides in-person professional development and coaching. Empower educators to skillfully design equitable environments that reduce persistent gaps in student outcomes.

The Antiracist School Leader

Dr. Harris’ book, The Antiracist School Leader: What to Know, Say, & Do, articulates a big-picture framework and research-based actions for bringing the power of antiracist education to your school or district.

Dr. Harris in the News
In addition to hosting the BONDCast, an audio podcast available on all platforms, and #UMustLearn, a live public radio show in Washington, D.C., Dr. Harris is featured on multiple media platforms as a writer, guest, and interviewee. You can find some examples via the button below.

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about Dr. Daman Harris

Versatile Expertise: Navigating Leadership, Education, and Antiracist Practices

Daman Harris, Ph.D., is the co-founder and co-director of the Building Our Network of Diversity (BOND) Project, a nonprofit that supports the recruitment, development, retention, and empowerment of male educators of color.

He is also the Manager of the Professional Development Schools Program and Institutions of Higher Education Partnerships for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland. During his 28 years as an educator, Dr. Harris has had a wide range of experiences as a teacher, coach, principal, district administrator, adjunct professor, speaker, writer, and consultant.

Pick up Dr. Harris' new book: The Antiracist School Leader!

Learn antiracist strategies for promoting cultural competence and responsiveness in everyday practice.


  • Review essential information and history regarding antiracism in education, as well as key vocabulary.

  • Learn how to plan, assess, and execute a comprehensive antiracist school vision.

  • Gain ideas for connecting instructional opportunities to students’ lived experiences and monitoring the strategies’ impacts.

  • Plan professional learning experiences designed to achieve critical consciousness among educators in your school community.

  • Take concrete, research-aligned next steps for growth as an antiracist leader who consistently leads through a lens of racial literacy.

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