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Series Overview

The Antiracist School Leader: What to Know, Say, and Do articulates a big-picture framework and research-based actions for bringing the power of antiracist education to school culture and curriculum. Current and aspiring education leaders of all kinds will deepen their knowledge, strengthen their skills, and lead their staffs toward more equitable outcomes for students and their families. This professional learning series, based on the book, takes readers from initial commitment and vision casting to strategy implementation and impact evaluation. This isn’t a forum to debate the merits of antiracist school leadership. The operating assumption is that participants recognize the need for antiracist education. These sessions are designed to help participants support their colleagues in acknowledging that need and creating actionable next steps for fulfilling it.

Series Outcomes

  • Review essential information and history regarding antiracism in education, as well as key vocabulary terms and definitions.
  •  Learn how to plan, assess, and execute a comprehensive antiracist school vision.

  •  Gain ideas for connecting instructional opportunities to students’ lived experiences and monitoring the strategies’ impacts.

  •  Consider professional learning experiences toward achieving critical consciousness among educators in the school community.

  •  Identify concrete, research-aligned next steps for growing as antiracist leaders and continually instilling schools with racial literacy.

Custom Workshops & Webinars

I also tailor professional learning experiences that are customized to fit the needs of your organization. Here are some examples:

Recruiting, Retaining, and Empowering a Diverse Educator Workforce (National Blue Ribbon Schools Recognition Ceremony, November 2023)

Districts across the United States are feeling the pinch of staffing shortages. Our student bodies are becoming more diverse, but our teaching workforce isn’t keeping pace. Traditional recruitment and retention practices are insufficient, and organizations around the country are offering innovative new strategies to meet the challenge. This session presents a sample of the diversity of thought among groups across the nation who support recruitment and retention activities aimed at teachers of color. Attendees will leave with new strategies to implement independently, in collaboration with partners, or with the support of contractors.

The Power of Identity (Anne Arundel County Public Schools, October 2023)

During The Power of Identity, we will consider how identity affects our interactions with the world and, therefore, how we teach. We’ll discuss our own identities, the interplay of in-group/outgroup psychology, the role intersectionality, and the need for us center our school communities. We’ll leave with recommendations for future reading, as well as the understanding that equity-focused instruction relies on the power of identity.

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